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About Me

My name is Mike Pantile. I’m a husband, father, man of God, and fitness business owner born and raised in Vancouver, BC.

My entire life has centered on helping others, which began with fitness. I began writing on masculinity, marriage, and faith back in October and quickly realized many men and women needed this kind of content and message.

The page then took on a life of its own and I realized what simply started as a page meant to document my journey to the present was meant to empower and serve people in a much larger way.


My Story

My entire life has been a process of re-invention and transformation. I struggled greatly as a child with anxiety, depression which turned into substance abuse in my later years. I also grew up the ‘fat kid’ and with all of the insecurity that came with it. It wasn’t until I finally found the gym that I was able to see a glimmer of my potential. It allowed me to go from well over 300lbs down to 190lbs over the course of 18 months. Yes, 18 months.

I dramatically changed my life and on the back of that transformation, I started a personal training studio in my early 20s which would then go onto to earn me 6 figures propelling my life forward in ways I didn’t know possible. I operate this gym remotely to this day, almost 10 years later. In addition to losing 100+lbs and starting a 6 figure fitness biz, I’m also a former multiple time national deadlift record holder in Canada, completely drug free. I’ve gone on to deadlift over 800lbs and effectively became one of the strongest men in Canada. These things pale in comparison to my overcoming of alcoholism, drug abuse, promiscuity, porn addiction, crippling depression/anxiety and suicidal ideation.

Yes, even with all of ‘achievements’ over the years I still struggled with these things. I transformed the outside first, then came the inner transformation. The whole goal with this coaching business isn’t to be your guru. It is to give you tangible, practical tools to allow you to transform your own life in all areas. Too many men needlessly struggle because don’t have the tools to deal with these things. My aim is to have men learn from my mistakes without having to learn them the hard way.

There IS hope. There IS a way to overcome. And I want to help you.

I'm not a life coach. I’m just a man that is honored to help other people see their own gifts, rise to the occasion of fulfilling their potential, and helping them in overcoming their own battles.


I look forward to working with you.

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