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Personal Services

My passion for helping others started with fitness and has now evolved into the area of personal development for men and couples.

If you have any additional questions regarding the services list here, feel free to send them over to

I look forward to working with you. 

12 Week Men's Mentorship

This mentorship is a 1:1 intensive coaching program that involves 6 bi-weekly 75 minute coaching calls focusing on areas of your fitness, faith, finances, personal struggles and interpersonal/romantic relationships. This plan includes a strength training/nutrition plan to go along with it in addition to assignments and challenges surrounding the areas listed above. Limited spots available.

30/60/75 Minute Coaching Calls

These calls focus on whatever area you are struggling with most. Typically discussed topics: fitness, finance, relationships, faith, and personal struggles. My goal is to leave you with tangible tools on how to improve in one or more of these areas. These are available as one-off calls, or as a monthly coaching package.

Couple's Coaching

These calls are 75 minutes in length and covers areas of your relationship that are causing the most friction. You will learn strategies on how to navigate conflict, conflict resolution, intimacy, communication, and much more. Also available in package format. 

Strength/Fitness/Nutrition Coaching

All programs are 12 weeks in length and cover areas of physical strength, the building of your physique, general fitness, and nutrition coaching. They include weekly check-ins and a weekly updated custom training spreadsheet alongside nutrition parameters specifically tailored to your needs. 

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